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1   Link   Harn Museum’s Korean Collection
The Asian art collection at the Harn Museum of Art is among the largest and most comprehensive in the southeastern United States. Comprised of over 2,000 works, the collection ranges in date from approximately the 3rd millennium BCE to the present day and includes paintings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, bronzes, jades and lacquers from across Asia. The collection is organized into sub-collections by geographical region.

Korean Art: Collecting Treasures presents bronzes, ceramics, furniture, paintings, prints and sculpture from the Harn’s collections. The exhibition features donations from General James Van Fleet (1892-1992) to the Harn in 1988. Highlights from the Van Fleet collection include hanging scroll masterpieces by Kim Hongdo (1745 - c.1806), Jang Seung-eop (1843-1897), and Kim Eunho (1892-1979), each noteworthy for their quality and rarity in Western collections.