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Sungkyunkwan University: программы 2016-2017 г.г.

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Sungkyunkwan University: программы 2016-2017 г.г.

Сообщение alkinsv » Сб апр 23, 2016 9:27 pm

The Inter-University Center for Korean Language Studies at Sungkyunkwan University (IUC) is now accepting applications for the 2016 summer session and the 2016-2017 academic year for advanced academic Korean language training. The IUC is an advanced Korean language training institution for academic researchers, graduate students, and prospective researchers in Korean Studies as well as related professionals. It is jointly operated by SKKU and the executive committee of the Inter-University Consortium, currently co-chaired by faculty from UCLA and the University of British Columbia.
The IUC academic year program focuses on building basic academic vocabulary, developing presentation skills, and enhancing writing abilities. A separate intensive six-week program is offered during the summer months. The summer session is designed for three types of students: students needing to upgrade their skills before starting the fall semester; students seeking to build on what they have learned during the preceding spring semester; and students seeking to refresh their academic Korean.
$5,000 per semester for students from IUC member universities and $7,500 per semester for students from non-member universities.

For the Summer Program, $ 2,500 for students from IUC member universities and $4,000 for students from non-member universities.

Scholarships will be offered to selected applicants on a competitive basis.

Dormitory Accommodation:
International student dorm rooms at SKKU (double-occupancy) are available for a monthly fee of $400 ( meals not included, but a communal kitchen is available). No family housing is available.
Applicants must have a certificate of level four or higher in their Korean language proficiency (TOPIK), or present evidence of Korean language proficiency equivalent to completion of 4 years of Korean language instruction at the university level. High-achieving undergraduate students who satisfy the above conditions may also apply.
Application Deadlines:
Summer, May 31, 2016; Fall, July 31, 2016; Spring, January 31, 2017 Application Procedure:
Submit a completed application (available at the bottom of the page at http://www.international.ucla.edu/cks/programs/iuc ), CV and the certificate of Korean language proficiency and/or transcript of Korean language courses to both iuckorea@skku.edu & iucskku@gmail.com .
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